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The new pressings have arrived!

The new pressings have arrived!

26 February 2021 - in

Today is the day!

The new pressings have arrived and it feels like Spring already!

– Source Code (Fruits de Mer Records, 2019, 2xLP, turquoise, x250)
– The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees (Fruits de Mer Records, 2020, 1xLP, transparent blue, x200)

We’ll very soon send all the pre-orders for both vinyls and they will be accompanied by a piece of the “Sibley Investigation” (an interactive multiplayer investigation you can be a part of to try and unveil the mysteries surrounding the South Popular Guy and The Wax Monster)(more on that very soon)

Thanks to all those who pre-ordered for your patience! We still have plenty of both (for once!) So you can still order now while it lasts. ?

Stay safe and cosy! (Who needs to travel when you have a good sound system anyway?)

New video! Garway Witch Trial

New video! Garway Witch Trial

13 February 2021 - in

“There’ll be nine witches from the bottom of Orcop to the end of Garway Hill as long as water flows.”

If you’ve never been to Garway Hill you should.

After a visit to Garway in 1917, M. R. James wrote the following note:
‘We must have offended somebody or something at Garway, I think. Probably we took it too much for granted, in speaking of it, that we should be able to do exactly as we pleased. Next time we shall know better. There is no doubt that it is a very rum place and needs careful handling.’

It is not so much the Garway church itself or its dovecote featuring 666 holes, but the sacred well next to it (as it is often the case) and the hill, connected to the Knights Templars as well as local witchcraft tales. The stones you’ll find there have been dropped by the Devil when his apron broke as he was carrying them to Orcop. The rooster crew and he had to go home, leaving the boulders on the Garway Hill.

Garway Witch Trial is the opening track of the last side of Source Code. It’s a seven minutes long trip to dark places from a distant past when some people didn’t know any better and would punish those who knew.

Source Code is getting a new pressing on Turquoise double vinyl (2xLP, 200) and we should get them soon!
Preorder available on Bandcamp:

Source Code 3rd Pressing, new Icy Bundle and more radio play!

Source Code 3rd Pressing, new Icy Bundle and more radio play!

9 December 2020 - in

Following the announcement of the new pressing for the Wax Monster on transparent blue, available on 25th February, we have pushed further and decided to repress Source Code our debut album, on beautiful Turquoise vinyl. Both are now available for presale as a bundle or separately, and we can’t wait to see them in our hands! Production delays are a bit insane right now because lots of big labels pushed back big releases during lockdown and now everything needs to be done as quickly as possible… Both available on Bandcamp

We want to thank you again Gideon Coe for playing 10,000 đồng (BBC radio bot calls it 10,000 Bongs :D) quite a few times, it has allowed more people to find out about Moon Goose. We also want to thank Stuart Maconie for playing Edible Druid in the Freakzone on BBC Radio 6 Music even though that track is insane! Stuart Maconie said about The Wax Monster that it was a great album and it means a lot coming from him.

Let’s remember the Source Code Release Party

Let’s remember the Source Code Release Party

4 May 2020 - in

Last week we were supposed to finish recording our second album at AR Studio. We also should have played the Globe for BrightField Spring Edition with a bunch of really cool people. Last month we missed an awesome gig that has already been reported for March next year! (more on that later)

But instead of dwelling on all that, let’s focus on the fact that we’re all fine and active. We’ve been sending each other bits of stems and whatnot and even if it really feels unnatural (our music has always happened because we were all in the same room jamming together), it still is something. We might even get a track out of it at the end of the lockdown!

A year ago, we were in a local church in Hay-on-Wye, launching Source Code with our spacesuits, smoke, lights, a choir, a church organ, lots of friends and very nice people.

We talked about making it a yearly event, or on the contrary do a tour in churches. Who knows?

Photos by Juliette, Layla, Billie, Emanation, Lief. Artwork by Lapin Blanc.