10.09.18Live at the Globe review

Nice review of our second EP Live at the Globe (still available) on Fuzzy Cracklins website.
"The sound quality of the live recording is really excellent. You might not know this was live if not for the applause and the sound of the fans at the club."

03.09.18Moon Goose at the 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus Festival 2019!

Moon Goose at the 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus Festival 2019!
If you came to the 16th Dream of Dr Sardonicus 2017 you received one of these samplers we produced for the festival only. Next year it will be even better and you'll be able to see us in the flesh! We are really excited already to be part of the line-up. Thanks Fruits de Mer Records for having us!

17.05.18New track: Garway Witches Trial sneak peek

We have worked on a new track called the Garway Witches Trial. It's quite gloomy and dark, and we hope you will like it. We're going to the studio in June to record alongside 2 other tracks that should give us more than enough material to fill a double LP… More on this soon. In the meantime enjoy the cheerful mood of the Garway Witches Trial.

17.05.18Upcoming gig at How the Light Gets In Festival, Hay-on-Wye

Upcoming gig at How the Light Gets In Festival, Hay-on-Wye
We're stoked to be part of the line-up of Hay's alternative Festival of Ideas How The Light Gets In, in Hay-on-Wye, Wales. We're playing on Friday 24th a bit after Midnight on the Riverside Stage. This is going to be you, us and the stars above! See you there!

10.04.18Upcoming gig at Paradiddles Music Café in Worcester on 26th April 2018

Upcoming gig at Paradiddles Music Café in Worcester on 26th April 2018

A free entry show full of sweet psychadelia and in-your-face punk/grind! Perfect to go alongside freshly home made pizzas (for meat-eaters and vegans), a beer/tea/chocolate/whatever you fancy.. the wonderful Paradiddles Music Cafe Bar welcomes us all! Another free entry show [donations gratefully received] , there is really no reason to miss this!

Event page --->

Boycott The Baptist

All the way from Lincoln... relentless, hilarious stomping grindcore that will tear your face off but you'll still be smiling and craving for more.

A Werewolf

Local(ish) heroes will be kicking off the second half of the night with their unique blend of math/punk/grindcore. They will confuse. They will scare, and they will delight.

Moon Goose

Based in Hay-on-Wye, have been labelled as both 'epic' and 'unlistenable' - this band will take you on a journey. Deep space psychedelia with perhaps a hint of post-rock vibes!

Socio Suki

Kidderminster psychedelic rockers return to Worcester with their home grown blend of alt-pop electro-infused space-rock!

See you there!

01.03.18Live at the Globe EP review From The Margins!

First review for our Live at the Globe EP From The Margins. Needless to say we agree with all of this!

The four sublime instrumentals found on Moon Goose's first EP, Space Probe Shut Down, set an improbable standard in their self demarcated genre of 'Avian Psychedelic Space Rock'. This live EP - recorded at The Globe in Hay on Wye last March - reprises two of the track's from their debut and adds two new ones to their as yet minimal but definitely heavy canon of work.

The rougher-edged version of Space Probe Shut Down highlight Second Life set out here is either the specific soundtrack for a speeding inter-stellar truck glancing an unexpected asteroid and disintegrating as it falls into a burning red blancmange sun, or just the music that through headphones would never fail to make the wait in a long queue for a kebab after closing time a trippy, cinematic experience. It fully qualifies as epic psychedelic space rock.

Read the rest on their website

16.02.18Live at the Globe EP

Live at the Globe EP
We're very glad to share with you our second EP Live at the Globe, recorded in 2017 by Al Ashford at the Globe in Hay-on-Wye in March 2017. That was a fine night and that should give you an idea of the sound we have live. You won't be able to appreciate the visuals that come with the gig on that EP but that should hopefully make you want to come and witness the whole experience by yourself.  

16.02.18Upcoming gig at The Globe on 17th March 2018

Upcoming gig at The Globe on 17th March 2018
We are ready for our next gig that will take place at The Globe in Hay-on-Wye on Saturday 17th March 2018. You can buy tickets on The Globe's website for £5. We've very glad to share a stage with Welsh rockers the Inclines.

23.10.17Space Probe Shut Down Review from the Margins

Our debut EP got a really cool review on From the Margins website. It starts like that:
I drove past my exit on a motorway listening to this, absorbed in its otherworldly rhythms and space. I am not sure this EP should be on even as background music in a neighbour's house when you are using a power tool; it has the full-on mesmeric quality of mid-period Pink Floyd instrumentals and the distracting drive of Hawkwind.
Read more on their website:

24.05.17Space Probe Shut Down – now available online

You can now buy, stream, download Space Probe Shut down on your favorite platforms (more to come): Download Space Probe Shut Down