Follow-up on the EU shipping madness

Follow-up on the EU shipping madness

7 July 2021 - in
Not long after the previous worrying news of the new VAT based system imposed on everything shipping from the UK to the EU, I got in touch with Bandcamp (our main platform to spread the Goose sounds) and their reply is reassuring. They’re working on it, but everybody is trying to do the same so it’s stuck on a higher administrative plane for now.
There is hope!
Also we’re heading back to the studio on Friday with a guest to add more madness to the previous recordings.. This new album is becoming more and more tangible..
Change in postage fees starting on 1st July for all orders going to the EU

Change in postage fees starting on 1st July for all orders going to the EU

30 June 2021 - in
Starting tomorrow, VAT has to be taken into consideration for every order we send to the EU, which means that because we can’t have a VAT Number for every country we send to and accountants etc. the fees will be charged to you and that’s not good for anyone.
It’s a freaking mess and even though everybody is working to try and find a solution (like having Bandcamp handle that side of things for instance like other platforms do), we don’t have one right now. Another option would be to use a EU distributor to group things and let them handle distribution in the EU.
We’ll keep you updated of course. And if you live anywhere else and would like some Goose gifts, nothing’s changed,
Brexshit, the gift that keeps on giving.
Heading to the studio once more!

Heading to the studio once more!

24 June 2021 - in

We’ve been a bit quiet these last weeks.. It’s because we’re working hard on tracks at the moment.
Next week we’re heading to AR Studios to add songs to the next album! (unknown shape as of today)
Our previous studio session was in July 2019! Since then we’ve booked the studio several times and had to cancel each time due to lockdown. The tracks have kept evolving over that period and I’m not really sure anymore which ones we wanted to record at that time.. We tend to create new stuff all the time instead.

One of the new tracks is about broken tools.
One is about sex bots.
One is about Siddhartha.
One is an improvised jam that appeared last week and might be included in one form or another if we have the time.

Exciting times ahead!

Head Rush (new compilation from Fruits de Mer Records!)

Head Rush (new compilation from Fruits de Mer Records!)

13 April 2021 - in

New Motorik from Fruits de Mer Records, featuring Moon Goose among lots of very tasteful artists.

‘Head Rush’ – a 3LP+CD collection of tracks that show the continuing influence of bands such as Can, Neu!, Harmonia and Kraftwerk, and the ‘motorik beat’ that was pivotal to some of the most enduring recordings to come out of Germany in the early seventies.

1. Giacomo & Carolina – Sunrise, Part 7 (5:05)
2. Silver Vials – Follow The Sun (6:05)
3. Das Blaue Palais – Zeitfeld (Dusseldorf Motorik Mix) (8:11)
4. The Love Explosion – Anarchy! (3:58)
5. David Oakes – The Sahara (2020 Remix) (5:04)
6. Sonic Trip Project – Getaway (11:10)

1. Moon Goose – Shiny Man (5:41)
2. Oslo Tapes – Obsession Is The Mother Of All (5:54)
3. Jay Tausig – Ecstatic Engines (8:42)
4. Son Of Ohm – Telefunken Baby (12:52)
5. Alber Jupiter – Martine A La Plage (7:15)

1. The Lost Stoned Pandas – Motorik Wah Nine (10:16)
2. Motor!k – Tyrants (10:28)
3. Culto Al Qondor – Ei (12:19)
4. Psychic Lemon – Jam 7 (7:01)

bonus CD:
1. Taras Bulba – Vuh Part 1 (3:56)
2. Vince Cory – 69 Wheeler (7:53)
3. Psychic Lemon – Jam 5 (8:26)
4. Audio Cologne Project – Grobmotorik (6:51)
5. Taras Bulba – Vuh Part 2 (5:15)
6. Icarus Peel – Der Wald (14:14)
7. The Legendary Flower Punk – Watussi Live (30:25)

Three LPs of motorik-tinged or drenched music, together with a bonus CD

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New video for (the Maquoketa Caves)

New video for (the Maquoketa Caves)

9 April 2021 - in

The Maquoketa Caves are impressive. It was great to be in the Park all day, looking for clues. The caves didn’t seem very deep at first, but I went to the very end of the Dug Out cave, crawling, and found another bigger chamber that didn’t seem to be on any leaflet. The place was covered in bats’ guano and the stench was pretty strong so I couldn’t stay for hours but I tried to explore the area with my brand new torch and I have found a toothbrush, a comb and a pen, as well as little piles of bones and fruit stones. Marking on the walls looked like days and weeks but there were so many that it would add up to years.