Source Code Review on Blurt

Source Code Review on Blurt

13 April 2019 - in


Very nice review from
“Succinct, melodic, and tighter than a nun’s ass”

“It’s rare these days for a record to stun me upon first listen, but that’s exactly what happened with Moon Goose’s debut album.”

You can enjoy the rest here:

Source Code is available for pre-order on Bandcamp

Prog Magazine Review!

Prog Magazine Review!

3 April 2019 - in

“A Sky-scraping double album that relentlessly takes the guitar instrumental format intro fresh anarchic orbits.”

Our upcoming album Source Code has been featured in this month’s Prog Magazine and described as “if early Iron Butterfly collided with Hawkwind in a Martian Motorway Café” ! How cool is that?

We also have Knifeless Skinning on the Cd that goes with the magazine!

Pictured below: Moon Goose reading Prog Magazine.

Source Code review on Carry’s new Underground Music

Source Code review on Carry’s new Underground Music

11 March 2019 - in


Another review of our upcoming album just dropped in and this time it’s in Dutch. 🙂

You can read all about the album on Carry’s new Underground Music Blog

“Source Code” van Moon Goose staat vol swingende uptempo nummers, die diverse invloeden bevatten, waarmee de band me van begin tot einde heeft weten te boeien en ik kan iedere liefhebber van dance, rock en spacerock deze 2LP dan ook van harte aanraden.” (“Source Code” from Moon Goose is full of swinging up-tempo songs, with various influences. The band has fascinated me from start to finish and I can therefore heartily recommend this 2LP to every fan of dance, rock and space rock.)

Source Code Review on Astral Zone Blog

Source Code Review on Astral Zone Blog

4 March 2019 - in

“I have a feeling that Source Code will be one of my favourite albums released in 2019.”
A really nice review of Source Code from Finland on Astral Zone Blog, from Dj Astro. ☺️

And remember, what the LÄHDEKOODI says:
“Ne tyhmät paskiaiset eivät tajua, että joskus vain [musiikki] tepsii”

“It was quite a challenge to release a 2LP as a debut album since in 74 minutes there are lots of possibilities to screw up but somehow Moon Goose have pulled off to the full. There are no tracks that I don’t fully enjoy and there is enough variation to keep a psych fan interested for the full duration.”