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Postcard #48 from the Sibley Investigation found!

Postcard #48 from the Sibley Investigation found!

5 November 2021 - in
48th #sibleyinvestigation postcard found by Eric Napier
Date sent: 01/11/20
Date found: 16/10/21
My dreams are leading towards this way too. I saw the Wax Monster in my dreams again last night. There was this open space of grass like a meadow or a football pitch and at the end the trees before the forest. And the monster was there, staring at me. I wanted to reach out but I couldn’t budge. The monster was trying to call me but all I could hear were the geese above my head.
Bá tước ngỗng
The Sibley Investigation
A collection of 60 postcards sent over months by Bá tước ngỗng, a mysterious Vietnamese Investigator on a hunt around the world (but from Sibley) to try to understand the South Popular Guy and the Wax Monster phenomena.
Each one of the 60 handwritten postcards has been sent by the band with an order of the new pressings of Source Code and The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees (Fruits de Mer Records, re-released on 25th February 2020, copies still available on Bandcamp).
The story will unfold when each recipient shares the content of the postcard they have received with us, by taking a photo of it and sending it to us, either by email at contact@moon‑ or even better share it on social media with the hashtag #sibleyinvestigation, and let us know @moongoosecult. We will then add the postcard’s text to this page to reveal another piece of the investigation.
The new pressings have arrived!

The new pressings have arrived!

26 February 2021 - in

Today is the day!

The new pressings have arrived and it feels like Spring already!

– Source Code (Fruits de Mer Records, 2019, 2xLP, turquoise, x250)
– The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees (Fruits de Mer Records, 2020, 1xLP, transparent blue, x200)

We’ll very soon send all the pre-orders for both vinyls and they will be accompanied by a piece of the “Sibley Investigation” (an interactive multiplayer investigation you can be a part of to try and unveil the mysteries surrounding the South Popular Guy and The Wax Monster)(more on that very soon)

Thanks to all those who pre-ordered for your patience! We still have plenty of both (for once!) So you can still order now while it lasts. ?

Stay safe and cosy! (Who needs to travel when you have a good sound system anyway?)

New video: Edible Druid!

New video: Edible Druid!

6 November 2020 - in

We’re super pleased with the feedback we’ve had for the Wax Monster. We only have a handful of the limited edition Orange Vinyls available (and plenty of CDs). We’re going for another pressing soon but might some t-shirts before that. Until then, here is a video for your enjoyment. Edible Druid is a weird track from our latest release The Wax Monster Lives Behind The First Row Of Trees.

Turn off the light, draw the curtains, go fullscreen and enjoy! ?

10.000 đồng

10.000 đồng

22 September 2020 - in

We’re down to only a handful of Vinyl for the new EP, thank you all! And we’ve already started taking orders for the CD version, thanks for that too!

To celebrate, here is a new video for 10.000 đồng, a new song from our latest EP The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees.
And for the first time ever, we actually appear in one of our videos. It’s been shot in AR Studios when we recorded the track a long time ago.
If you pay attention closely you’ll hear right by the end the moment Dave actually christened the track on the spot.
Also watch for the little ghost after 2mn ?