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The new pressings have arrived!

The new pressings have arrived!

26 February 2021 - in

Today is the day!

The new pressings have arrived and it feels like Spring already!

– Source Code (Fruits de Mer Records, 2019, 2xLP, turquoise, x250)
– The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees (Fruits de Mer Records, 2020, 1xLP, transparent blue, x200)

We’ll very soon send all the pre-orders for both vinyls and they will be accompanied by a piece of the “Sibley Investigation” (an interactive multiplayer investigation you can be a part of to try and unveil the mysteries surrounding the South Popular Guy and The Wax Monster)(more on that very soon)

Thanks to all those who pre-ordered for your patience! We still have plenty of both (for once!) So you can still order now while it lasts. ?

Stay safe and cosy! (Who needs to travel when you have a good sound system anyway?)

Source Code 3rd Pressing, new Icy Bundle and more radio play!

Source Code 3rd Pressing, new Icy Bundle and more radio play!

9 December 2020 - in

Following the announcement of the new pressing for the Wax Monster on transparent blue, available on 25th February, we have pushed further and decided to repress Source Code our debut album, on beautiful Turquoise vinyl. Both are now available for presale as a bundle or separately, and we can’t wait to see them in our hands! Production delays are a bit insane right now because lots of big labels pushed back big releases during lockdown and now everything needs to be done as quickly as possible… Both available on Bandcamp

We want to thank you again Gideon Coe for playing 10,000 đồng (BBC radio bot calls it 10,000 Bongs :D) quite a few times, it has allowed more people to find out about Moon Goose. We also want to thank Stuart Maconie for playing Edible Druid in the Freakzone on BBC Radio 6 Music even though that track is insane! Stuart Maconie said about The Wax Monster that it was a great album and it means a lot coming from him.

The Wax Monster’s 2nd pressing announced!

The Wax Monster’s 2nd pressing announced!

24 November 2020 - in

Since the first pressing of the limited Orange Edition (300) of the Wax Monster, shipped with a bonus live CD, is now sold out we’re going for a second pressing! This time on Transparent Blue with a slightly different cover (watch the monster), 200 this time.

It’s going to be released on 25th February 2021 which is still far away but that’s how busy the vinyl plants are right now! But it’s already available on pre-sale on Bandcamp for the HxC fans.

Pre-order now

New ep: The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees!

New ep: The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees!

20 July 2020 - in

We have a brand new EP coming up on 15th September!

We’re super excited to announce that our next EP will be released on 15th September 2020.

The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Rows of Trees occupies a liminal space: between EP and album*, between Iowa and Hanoi, between druid and mushroom, between life before COVID and life after it.
*It’s 5 tracks, but 9.

Presales are now open! You can get it on Bandcamp:

The first pressing limited edition on Orange Vinyl will come as a package with a 30mn Live CD from our gig at the 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus last year in Cardigan. Limited to 300 units.

We hope you’ll like it! Stay safe.