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Great Halls Contest!

Great Halls Contest!

8 May 2023 - in

Great Halls of Broken Tools is the closing track of our latest album La Nuit. It’s probably one of the weirdest tracks we’ve done. It’s confusing and wrong. We hope you’ll like it.

Win a vinyl of La Nuit our latest album on Red Vinyl (limited edition)!

If you watch closely the video you’ll see little bits of text hidden (or not) in the sequences.
Catch them all, and send us an email to with what you’ve found.
The winner will be chosen randomly among the right answers on 19/05/23 for the next New Moon.
The winner will receive a signed vinyl of La Nuit, our latest album, and nice goodies.

Alternatively you can also buy La Nuit on Vinyl, CD, Digital, or stream it on the usual platforms.

Written and performed by Moon Goose. Recorded Ryan Jordan at AR Studios, Kingstone. Mixed by Leon West at After Life Studios, Cardiff. Published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

New video for (the Maquoketa Caves)

New video for (the Maquoketa Caves)

9 April 2021 - in

The Maquoketa Caves are impressive. It was great to be in the Park all day, looking for clues. The caves didn’t seem very deep at first, but I went to the very end of the Dug Out cave, crawling, and found another bigger chamber that didn’t seem to be on any leaflet. The place was covered in bats’ guano and the stench was pretty strong so I couldn’t stay for hours but I tried to explore the area with my brand new torch and I have found a toothbrush, a comb and a pen, as well as little piles of bones and fruit stones. Marking on the walls looked like days and weeks but there were so many that it would add up to years.

New video! Garway Witch Trial

New video! Garway Witch Trial

13 February 2021 - in

“There’ll be nine witches from the bottom of Orcop to the end of Garway Hill as long as water flows.”

If you’ve never been to Garway Hill you should.

After a visit to Garway in 1917, M. R. James wrote the following note:
‘We must have offended somebody or something at Garway, I think. Probably we took it too much for granted, in speaking of it, that we should be able to do exactly as we pleased. Next time we shall know better. There is no doubt that it is a very rum place and needs careful handling.’

It is not so much the Garway church itself or its dovecote featuring 666 holes, but the sacred well next to it (as it is often the case) and the hill, connected to the Knights Templars as well as local witchcraft tales. The stones you’ll find there have been dropped by the Devil when his apron broke as he was carrying them to Orcop. The rooster crew and he had to go home, leaving the boulders on the Garway Hill.

Garway Witch Trial is the opening track of the last side of Source Code. It’s a seven minutes long trip to dark places from a distant past when some people didn’t know any better and would punish those who knew.

Source Code is getting a new pressing on Turquoise double vinyl (2xLP, 200) and we should get them soon!
Preorder available on Bandcamp:

New video: Joey Gets A Candle [Swayze Meld]

New video: Joey Gets A Candle [Swayze Meld]

10 February 2021 - in

We’re revisiting every track of Source Code on social media before the release of the new pressings by the end of the month.

Joey Gets A Candle [Swayze Meld] is the first track on the second vinyl of Source Code. It is a very moody track, perfect for a soundtrack of a film that never existed. As it is often the case, the interesting things happen at random times during rehearsals. If you go for a wee outside (freezing cold but the stars are amazing on a clear night), the rest of the band usually starts something else and you often end up running back to take part into what could become our next song.

For Joey Gets A Candle [Swayze Meld] it was the night of our first photoshoot. I was laying skulls and feathers to get a picture to put on social media. And Joey came round and suggested a few candles. While we were setting up the scene, the rest of the band started playing a little theme over and over until it finally became this song. The [Swayze Meld] in the title is something else…

Our debut album Source Code was released in 2019 on Fruits de Mer Records. It is now being repressed on Turquoise vinyls (2xLP, 200), to be released on 25th February and available for preorder on Bandcamp:

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