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Edible Druid on Doomed & Stoned in Wales

Edible Druid on Doomed & Stoned in Wales

31 March 2020 - in

** New Track alert: EDIBLE DRUID **

The fact that we’re not able to reach the studio for now to finish recording doesn’t mean we can’t share a new track with you!

We’ve been asked by Doomed & Stoned to share a track for their special Welsh bands and you can listen to Edible Druid in full over there. Edible Druid 🧙‍♂️🍴 is quite a heavy track (for our standards), we hope you’ll like it! Download the whole compilation on Bandcamp (free/pay what you want), lots of good things on there, including Lacertilia, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, DOPESMOKER, The Witches Drum and so many more.

Edible Druid was recorded and mixed by Ryan Jordan from AR Studios.




20 March 2020 - in

Hi goslings,

Like everybody else we enter now a kind of hibernation state due to the pandemic and retreat to the Moon. Space is the way!

Our gig in Hay on 25h April has been cancelled, hopefully to be rescheduled later.

The plans to take part in a magnificent Prog Fest at the end of March also.

We might be able to do the planned gig in Birmingham late May if all of this is behind us at the time.

In the meantime enjoy a sneaky preview of a new track called Edible Druid, mixed by Ryan Jordan.

Take care of you and yours and stay safe.

New video: Carnage!

New video: Carnage!

29 December 2019 - in

That bird is extra-terrestrial, it comes from outer-space!

Carnage, our latest video is now live! Check it out ?
That’s not exactly the same moon goose as on Source Code cover, but you’ll see.

Carnage is the 8th track of Moon Goose’s debut album Source Code, released on Fruits de Mer Records in April 2019.

New track: Garway Witches Trial sneak peek

New track: Garway Witches Trial sneak peek

17 May 2018 - in

We have worked on a new track called the Garway Witches Trial. It’s quite gloomy and dark, and we hope you will like it. We’re going to the studio in June to record alongside 2 other tracks that should give us more than enough material to fill a double LP… More on this soon. In the meantime enjoy the cheerful mood of the Garway Witches Trial.