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(almost a World) Tour August 2022

(almost a World) Tour August 2022

27 July 2022 - in

More dates planned for next week!

– Thursday 4th August —- Swansea
Hangar 18 w/ mascot Moth & more (free)

– Friday 5th August —- New Radnor
Radnorshire Ales party (free)

– Sunday 7th august —- Cardigan
18th dream of Dr Sardonicus (sold out)

Bristol gig w/ 10000 Russos

Bristol gig w/ 10000 Russos

12 October 2021 - in
We had a blast last night in Bristol with 10 000 Russos ! Thanks to all of you who came dancing with us, enjoyed the music, and those who got vinyls. There is nothing more rewarding as a band than to have someone come to us after the gig to say that we blew them away!
Can’t wait for the next one!
Thanks BLG Promotions and Gravy Train for having us!
We’ll Be back!
Brilliant photos by Roger Hook.
Live at the Globe, 3 years ago!

Live at the Globe, 3 years ago!

26 March 2020 - in

3 years ago we did our first gig ever!
It was at The Globe at Hay of course and it was quite a special moment.

Nobody knew what to expect and quite a few people were blown away. Quite a few people ran away screaming and never completely recovered.

Al Ashford who was doing the sound that night recorded everything without telling us and mixed what would become our second EP, Live at the Globe. We did a few CDs of this and it is now completely sold out (!) but still available digitally (free):

Thanks to the friends that came to see us that night and thanks to those who came to the next gigs! We can’t wait to go back out there!




20 March 2020 - in

Hi goslings,

Like everybody else we enter now a kind of hibernation state due to the pandemic and retreat to the Moon. Space is the way!

Our gig in Hay on 25h April has been cancelled, hopefully to be rescheduled later.

The plans to take part in a magnificent Prog Fest at the end of March also.

We might be able to do the planned gig in Birmingham late May if all of this is behind us at the time.

In the meantime enjoy a sneaky preview of a new track called Edible Druid, mixed by Ryan Jordan.

Take care of you and yours and stay safe.