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2023 AD is here!

2023 AD is here!

4 December 2023 - in

2023 AD is the first single of Moon Goose’s 4th LP, M, to be released on 27th January 2024, via Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records. 

2023 AD is Moon Goose’s first Christmas Song, sort of. It is a twisted portrait of the grim year we’ve just had as seen through a slightly distorted cheese lens, opening the door to fantasised images of strange fairies alongside the usual a parade of monsters that populate our media channels.

This is one of 3 tracks that are not instrumental on the album, which is quite unusual for us, but brings another dimension to the preaching of the Goose. Now you will get the whole story at last and not just the implied journey of the song titles..

You can stream the song on Spotify and all those low-royalties modern streaming platforms, or you can head over to BandCamp and either buy it on its own, or better pre-order the new album and get 2023 AD straight away!


Video by Amouq

Great Halls Contest!

Great Halls Contest!

8 May 2023 - in

Great Halls of Broken Tools is the closing track of our latest album La Nuit. It’s probably one of the weirdest tracks we’ve done. It’s confusing and wrong. We hope you’ll like it.

Win a vinyl of La Nuit our latest album on Red Vinyl (limited edition)!

If you watch closely the video you’ll see little bits of text hidden (or not) in the sequences.
Catch them all, and send us an email to with what you’ve found.
The winner will be chosen randomly among the right answers on 19/05/23 for the next New Moon.
The winner will receive a signed vinyl of La Nuit, our latest album, and nice goodies.

Alternatively you can also buy La Nuit on Vinyl, CD, Digital, or stream it on the usual platforms.

Written and performed by Moon Goose. Recorded Ryan Jordan at AR Studios, Kingstone. Mixed by Leon West at After Life Studios, Cardiff. Published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

New video: Carnage!

New video: Carnage!

29 December 2019 - in

That bird is extra-terrestrial, it comes from outer-space!

Carnage, our latest video is now live! Check it out ?
That’s not exactly the same moon goose as on Source Code cover, but you’ll see.

Carnage is the 8th track of Moon Goose’s debut album Source Code, released on Fruits de Mer Records in April 2019.