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Edible Druid on Doomed & Stoned in Wales

Edible Druid on Doomed & Stoned in Wales

31 March 2020 - in

** New Track alert: EDIBLE DRUID **

The fact that we’re not able to reach the studio for now to finish recording doesn’t mean we can’t share a new track with you!

We’ve been asked by Doomed & Stoned to share a track for their special Welsh bands and you can listen to Edible Druid in full over there. Edible Druid ?‍♂️? is quite a heavy track (for our standards), we hope you’ll like it! Download the whole compilation on Bandcamp (free/pay what you want), lots of good things on there, including Lacertilia, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, DOPESMOKER, The Witches Drum and so many more.

Edible Druid was recorded and mixed by Ryan Jordan from AR Studios.