New video: Shiny Man

New video: Shiny Man

23 August 2020 - in

Behold! Here is the new video for the opening track Shiny Man, of our upcoming EP The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees, to be released on 15th September and available to preorder on Bandcamp.

Warning: Younger members of our audience have been heard saying that it was creepy, too creepy to watch actually.

New ep: The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees!

New ep: The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Row of Trees!

20 July 2020 - in

We have a brand new EP coming up on 15th September!

We’re super excited to announce that our next EP will be released on 15th September 2020.

The Wax Monster Lives Behind the First Rows of Trees occupies a liminal space: between EP and album*, between Iowa and Hanoi, between druid and mushroom, between life before COVID and life after it.
*It’s 5 tracks, but 9.

Presales are now open! You can get it on Bandcamp:

The first pressing limited edition on Orange Vinyl will come as a package with a 30mn Live CD from our gig at the 17th Dream of Dr Sardonicus last year in Cardigan. Limited to 300 units.

We hope you’ll like it! Stay safe.

New posters!

New posters!

16 June 2020 - in

Following a few requests, we’re super psyched to add 3 posters to our bandcamp page, including a new artwork entitled ‘Psych Geese of the Purple Sun’, the poster from the Source Code Release Party last year (Sacred Goose of Ra), and another gig art from one of our first gigs at the Globe (Moon Goose Cult). ☀️

All 3 have been designed by Antoine (Lapin Blanc) and will be printed on A2 (that’s roughly 40x60cm, or 16.53 x 23.39 inches) heavy stock matte paper. 👨‍🏫

Each poster is a fiver! Shipping by the end of the month. Time to add some weirdness to your walls. 🤯…/psyched-goose-poster

Let’s remember the Source Code Release Party

Let’s remember the Source Code Release Party

4 May 2020 - in

Last week we were supposed to finish recording our second album at AR Studio. We also should have played the Globe for BrightField Spring Edition with a bunch of really cool people. Last month we missed an awesome gig that has already been reported for March next year! (more on that later)

But instead of dwelling on all that, let’s focus on the fact that we’re all fine and active. We’ve been sending each other bits of stems and whatnot and even if it really feels unnatural (our music has always happened because we were all in the same room jamming together), it still is something. We might even get a track out of it at the end of the lockdown!

A year ago, we were in a local church in Hay-on-Wye, launching Source Code with our spacesuits, smoke, lights, a choir, a church organ, lots of friends and very nice people.

We talked about making it a yearly event, or on the contrary do a tour in churches. Who knows?

Photos by Juliette, Layla, Billie, Emanation, Lief. Artwork by Lapin Blanc.