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Source Code Review on Astral Zone Blog

Source Code Review on Astral Zone Blog

4 March 2019 - in

“I have a feeling that Source Code will be one of my favourite albums released in 2019.”
A really nice review of Source Code from Finland on Astral Zone Blog, from Dj Astro. ☺️

And remember, what the LÄHDEKOODI says:
“Ne tyhmät paskiaiset eivät tajua, että joskus vain [musiikki] tepsii”

“It was quite a challenge to release a 2LP as a debut album since in 74 minutes there are lots of possibilities to screw up but somehow Moon Goose have pulled off to the full. There are no tracks that I don’t fully enjoy and there is enough variation to keep a psych fan interested for the full duration.”