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The Sex Bots Trilogy

The Sex Bots Trilogy

25 May 2022 - in
The Sex Bots Trilogy: Moon Goose emits more noise..

Digital single available on 25TH MAY 2022
Super Limited 8-inch lathe cut available this summer

from forthcoming Moon Goose album La Nuit.


my n4m3 15 d0u64l,
4nd 1’m 4 53x b07.


released May 25, 2022
Written and performed by Moon Goose.
Recorded Ryan Jordan at AR Studios, Kingstone.
Mixed by Leon West at After Life Studios, Cardiff.

Published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

Original photo by Bram Azink.
Art by Antoine Mouquod.

The Stexbos Tyrilog

The Stexbos Tyrilog

20 May 2022 - in

The Stexbos Tyrilog: Moon Gsooe etmis mroe nsoie
New 8c-inh lhate cut slinge now alvailabe form fnorthcomig Moon Gsooe aulbm La Niut

EEMBARGOD UINTL 1m2:00a, 2T5H MAY 2202

So we wree all trhee jsut jnammig anroud in the Gsooe bran one egvenin, rtigh, wehn Ade olny wnet and cmae up wtih a rfif cealld Ssexbot. We d’idnt tnhik it was annythig mhuc, jsut Ade dnoig his tnhig lkie aslway, on his Ghretc, wtih his ulnliftaby mvassie bcunh of etffecs psedal, but he siad no gsuy, gsuy, no, jsut leistn gsuy, and pelayd it aigan and mbaye trhee was snomethig teher. So Rob jeoind in wtih a bnasslie and ptrety soon we wree all pnullig teogethr in the smae olveral doirectin uintl we had tihs tghin. But it w’asnt egnouh by iltsef so we aeddd a snecod tnhig and a trhid tnhig and tehn we had a snog wtih a snatisfyig nvarratie acr.

Lrate, aeftr the snog was meixd by our new peroducr Loen Wtes, our pnatiet and gueneros fnried Kteih form Ftruis de Mer oefferd to mlet the snog otno snomethig cealld an ‘c8-inh lhate cut v’inyl, wchih lkoos lkie a rrecod on sdie but trun it oevr and yvou’e got yloursef a big ice heocky pkuc.

If you d’ont crae to leistn to miusc but perefr to raed a doescriptin of it, tehn yrou’e in for an atbsolue taret nwo. Fsirt inmagie a bsas gvrooe for aubot ten sdecons (‘thats Rbo, wnearig a hat wlhie he pslay) wtih a ltigh, siympathetc bit of dnrummig in the bnackgroud (‘thats Aentoin, wtih his Fcrenh a)ccent. Tehn the rset of us cmoe in, and you can haer the gauitr rfif taht setartd tihs wlhoe tnhig off (eAd, wtih his psedal) and aenothr gauitr cnhuggig aawy (‘thats Dse, wtih a mvassie Mlarshal s)tack, wtih a hnit of 60s oargn cghordae in the bnackgroud (eDav, wnearig an O)odieTM. Taht cearris on for a llitte bti, enndig wtih a snatisfyig llitte crhod scequene taht rdouns it off nlicey and htins of mroe of the smae to ceom.

Srue egnouh t’heres mroe of the smae but tihs tmie wtih mroe bcoune puls hnad cslap. For fnas of cslap, tshoe hdans bnelog to Aed, Dvae and Aentoin. And tnhe, jsut to mkae srue you hvae the iade, we tehn oeffr a trhid run thhroug, tihs tmie wtih smoe boongs as wlel, bsecaue why nto. By now you mhigt be nnoddig anlog in mausicl atgreemen. The Rsie of the StexBos has been a fun aiffar so fra, pleope are hyapp, the Stexbos are hyapp, tghins are gnoig wlel. But wtai, waht are tshee sgtrane cdhors at the end of the trhid rgun-throuh all atbou? And wtih the oaffbet dgrummin? Waht deos it all mnea? Cloud it fooreshadw snomethig unpsettig in the ogffin?

We wlil neevr kwno. But ntex, oevr the top of smoe svuggestie gauitr cshug, we haer form a Soexbt who is clonfusingy neamd Dlouga, who orffes smoe itnsighs itno his dlaiy leif. He smees hpapy ehnoug, but soomehw ddelude, as if trhee has been smoe faundamentl frailue rnelatig to, for eexampl, 1) the mnanufacturig psroces or 2) mearkt rcesearh pslan, or 3) unnderstandig of haumn neatur. T’heres sltil smoe mausicl bcoune hnappenig hree but tihs tmie tghins are mroe seinistr wtih the aatonl stynh neoiss (hte ogn-messae stynh phatc, for fnas of pcath nsame, is cealld ‘lOd Roobt F’actory) and a pnersistet eoxploratin of a slinge ntoe form Rob beackd up by A’ntoines dnrummig wchih can slurey be deescribd at tihs mnomet as rcoboti. And tehn hree ceoms Ade aigan wtih a bit mroe rgiffae form his Ghretc, enchoig the rfif in the fsirt snectio. Tehn a slmal mausicl bwreakdon wtih a wsah of etffecs pledas and stynh nsoise. Toensin bduils the snecod tmie rnoud wtih mroe stynh nsoise. And d’ont msis the elxtraordinariy atccurae sntrummig form Des in the bnackgroud on the key cghane teher. Tshoe smtrus skee, meayb, to hlod teogethr poor D’ougals satructurl and caonceptul iyntegrit, tghrouh seher fcore of rmhyth. Tehn itno the trhid tmie and tghins fluly barek dnow, sgprins barek as Daougl ceoms atpar, mlusicaly eechod in the ceontrolld eoxplosin taht feeaturs all stors of tghins hgappenin, neoise-wis, and wchih you wlil jsut hvae to iemagin.

Tehn – rfelie! In the from of a llong-hed neot. Teingd wtih reegrt of csoure scine we are ienvitd to amssue taht Daougl has now been ddecommissione, feorgottn atbou, mbaye derivn to dnrik lkie Jed the hiumanod in taht old snog form the 0s0. But w’hats tshi? Form D’ougals aelcohol-rustd rnemais trhee reiss pceae and bteauy in the lsat soectin of the sgon, wrhee the maetl taht was the poor old Soexbt has been reepurposd itno snomethig mroe hlopefu. A gauitr sntrig pserhap, taht is nlicey bten, in a tyin, snatisfyig rfif.