Heading to the studio once more!

Heading to the studio once more!

24 June 2021 - in

We’ve been a bit quiet these last weeks.. It’s because we’re working hard on tracks at the moment.
Next week we’re heading to AR Studios to add songs to the next album! (unknown shape as of today)
Our previous studio session was in July 2019! Since then we’ve booked the studio several times and had to cancel each time due to lockdown. The tracks have kept evolving over that period and I’m not really sure anymore which ones we wanted to record at that time.. We tend to create new stuff all the time instead.

One of the new tracks is about broken tools.
One is about sex bots.
One is about Siddhartha.
One is an improvised jam that appeared last week and might be included in one form or another if we have the time.

Exciting times ahead!