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The mystery of Moon Goose’s new album La Nuit, explained
Limited edition red vinyl, digipak, digital download

Having started with a double album and then gone for something like 75% of an album length for number 2, this time we at Moon Goose have issued a product of a standard length. With a balanced four tracks per side, and with each side describing a satisfying narrative arc, with each track providing a sense of dynamic shape, this new album is like a musical Russian doll, the same familiar pattern repeating at every level.

You should find that it’s not just an audio zoom experience. If you look at the artwork the woman in the bath on the front, an apparently normal sized human is sharing the tub with a tiny swimmer who, with suitable viewing equipment, is revealed to share his space with a person so tiny that, to them, even the smallest of bubbles in that bath is a moon.

In each moony bubble, you will find that woman again, with a gnomic expression on her face. I don’t reckon she knows she lives on a bubble the size of a Galilean moon! How could she?

How could any of us?

Sound, vision, language, meaning, all infinitely repeating, going round like the record itself when you play it on your home stereophones. It’s all part of a finely engineered plan whose complexity we can only really hint at in this press release, but please be reassured, its mystery is by design. The more confused you are, the more you understand the mystery.

For those of you who are not fully reassured, let me put it this way. There is a moment in the great Don B’s story ‘The King of Jazz’ in which a character called Fat Man Jones is wheeling his five and one half octave marimba into a bar, which is so full of jazz, that Jones starts improvising even before he’s fully through the door. You’d think he’d at least get his marimba fully through the door, but no, he can’t wait!

Please don’t go expecting much actual jazz on this album, but please pay attention for that Fat Man Jones style spirit of catharsis after being held for so long, the experience of joy again after confinement and grief, the discovery of half a candle at the back of a drawer during a power cut, the long awaited meal that is somehow as good as expected, the musical experimentation which no one has asked for but which continues on along its restless and grinning way nonetheless and, after all, has a certain groove.


published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records

Moon Goose – La Nuit
Limited edition red vinyl (x300)
Digital download
Streaming platforms on 14th October 2022

releases October 14, 2022

Written and performed by Moon Goose.
Recorded Ryan Jordan at AR Studios, Kingstone.
Mixed by Leon West at After Life Studios, Cardiff.

Published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

Kate’s Photo is from the Lockdown Series by Billie Charity.
Other visual sources : Julia Kadel, Noelle Vandenbroucke, Étienne Léopold Trouvelot.
Layout by Antoine Mouquod.


  • “A Sky-scraping double album that relentlessly takes the guitar instrumental format intro fresh anarchic orbits.”

    Prog Magazine
  • “Dark, brilliant, mystical.”
    Andrew Marston
    BBC Hereford & Worcester
  • “Genius!”
    TimeLord Michalis
    TimeMachine Productions
  • “I have a feeling that Source Code will be one of my favourite albums released in 2019.”
    DJ Astro
    Astral Zone Blog
  • “Spacemen 3 meets Hawkwind in a ramshackle merging of otherworldliness.”
    Someone's brother-in-law
    Listening to Source Code
  • “I really liked that album”
    Stuart Maconie (about the Wax Monster)
    BBC Radio 6 Freak Zone
  • “Succinct, melodic, and tighter than a nun’s ass”
    Jonathan Levitt
  • “Cambrian Psychedelia”
    Stuart Maconie
    BBC Radio 6 Freak Zone
  • “An interstellar pathway to unknown universes”
  • “Big and boisterous”
    Bethan Elfyn
    BBC Wales
  • “What an epic sound!”
    Andrew Marston
    BBC Hereford & Worcester
  • “Good set.”
    Higashi Hiroshi
    Acid Mother Temple
  • “My consciousness has been raised”
    Adam Walton
    BBC Wales
  • “As if early Iron Butterfly collided with Hawkwind in a Martian Motorway Café.”

    Prog magazine
  • “Reassuringly (in places) baffling”
    Gideon Coe
    BBC Radio 6
  • “The soundtrack to a runaway space train hurtling through unnamed interstellar stations”
    From the Margins
    about Space Probe Shut Down


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