2023 AD, a sort of Christmas Song


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Murmurations is Moon Goose’s 4th LP, to be released on 27th January 2024, via Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records. 

About Murmurations

Murmurations describe a natural phenomenon in which a large group of starlings fly in unisson using complex laws of movement depending on relative birds around each individual. This behaviour can be observed on land in herds and under the Sea in schools of fish. They are the natural answer of the collective facing a common danger. What seems to be drawn by the power of one leader is actually generated by the awareness of every individual, working together towards the collective fate. There must be a lesson there. Moon Geese (mean geese) on the other side don’t perform murmurations because there aren’t any predator on the Moon, except for a few quickly gone humans and a couple multilingual slow bots on wheels.

Murmurations is our 4th album, written, recorded and mixed all within 2023. The songs are whispered by the Barn when we meet on dark icy nights, disturbing the quietness of the Welsh countryside nights with our spontaneous and unrestricted turmoil. Recorded and mixed at Twin Peaks Studio, Wales, by Adam Fuest (Mott the Hoople, Babyshambles, The Cure) and published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

Moon Goose put Space, Psych, Prog and Motorik in a bag, shook it, poked it, burned it, then spread the ashes from the top of the Welsh Mountains with the wind in their face until their eyes were crying black tears.

Murmurations will be released on Pink Vinyl (x300), Digipak CD and available on all streaming platforms on 27/01/24. The presales have started
We also do a very short run of boxsets to stack all the Moon Goose albums in one hand printed black box, all sold out already.

published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records

Moon Goose – Murmurations
Limited edition pink vinyl (x300)
Digital download
Streaming platforms on 27th January 2024

releases 27th January 2024

Written and performed by Moon Goose.
Murmurations was recorded, Produced and mastered by Adam Fuest at Twin Peaks Studio, Llandrindod Wells, Wales.
Published by Fruits de Mer Records and Inflatable Tarmac Records.

Artwork by Antoine Mouquod (amouq.com).
Sources: Chelsea Audibert, Thierry Meier, Nasa, Ivana Cajina Asuyh, Emile Journet.

You can download 2023 AD, Last Flight of the Moon Goose or Murmurations in its entirety below


  • “I really liked that album”
    Stuart Maconie (about the Wax Monster)
    BBC Radio 6 Freak Zone
  • “My consciousness has been raised”
    Adam Walton
    BBC Wales
  • “What an epic sound!”
    Andrew Marston
    BBC Hereford & Worcester
  • “As if early Iron Butterfly collided with Hawkwind in a Martian Motorway Café.”

    Prog magazine
  • “A Sky-scraping double album that relentlessly takes the guitar instrumental format intro fresh anarchic orbits.”

    Prog Magazine
  • “Cambrian Psychedelia”
    Stuart Maconie
    BBC Radio 6 Freak Zone
  • “Reassuringly (in places) baffling”
    Gideon Coe
    BBC Radio 6
  • “Genius!”
    TimeLord Michalis
    TimeMachine Productions
  • “Good set.”
    Higashi Hiroshi
    Acid Mother Temple
  • “One faultless slice of perfection, powerful and plenty going on, that's sure to delight a wide range of Kraut, Space, Prog and Psych rock fans.”
    Andy G.
    Audion 76, Dec 2023
  • “The soundtrack to a runaway space train hurtling through unnamed interstellar stations”
    From the Margins
    about Space Probe Shut Down
  • “I have a feeling that Source Code will be one of my favourite albums released in 2019.”
    DJ Astro
    Astral Zone Blog
  • “Dark, brilliant, mystical.”
    Andrew Marston
    BBC Hereford & Worcester
  • “Big and boisterous”
    Bethan Elfyn
    BBC Wales
  • “An interstellar pathway to unknown universes”

  • “Succinct, melodic, and tighter than a nun’s ass”
    Jonathan Levitt
  • “Spacemen 3 meets Hawkwind in a ramshackle merging of otherworldliness.”
    Someone's brother-in-law
    Listening to Source Code


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